SEIU Local 503/SubLocal 083 at Oregon State University

SubLocal 083 is part of the statewide Service Employees International Union Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union. Our union is member-driven and staff-supported, we democratically elect stewards, local and statewide officers, and bargaining delegates who negotiate the collective bargaining agreement between classified employees of the state universities and the Oregon University System. The collective bargaining agreement sets the wages and working conditions for all classified employees for the length of the contract. A new bargaining cycle will start in late 2020. Contact us for more information or to find out how to get more involved. We currently hold monthly meetings the 3rd Thursdays of the month at Valley Library from 11 – 12:30 pm or in the MU. Worksite meetings can be set up to accommodate your office location and schedule.  We want all union members to get active, and plugging in is the first step. Contact us to set up a worksite meeting or 1:1.

The new contract is available in .pdf format and is at the printer being bound as of 2/5/2020.

If you need help with an issue please contact organizer Siobhan Burke 630-699-0281 by text, phone or email at burkes@seiu503.org, 24/7.



A very public thank you to all the union cousins on campus who assisted in this win: Coalition for Graduate Employees, United Academics and SEIU Local 49 who represent the ABM custodians. #Solidarity won the day.

From Newport to Josephine County to Bend to Corvallis, Oregon State classified staff stepped up to lead a strike. THANK YOU!  Let’s be ready next time: volunteer a couple hours a month to be a steward!  Our stewards at OSU are not that busy;  they do act as a resource for their co-workers and as the union network that keeps people connected.
Want to be a steward or just go to contract enforcement training? Email me at burkes@seiu503.org. 


Here’s a complete list of articles and changes:



Here are the highlights:

TERM : 2 Years (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021)

COLA:  3% retroactive to July 1, 2019 pending ratification and another 2.1% starting July 1, 2020.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: 48 hours of paid inclement weather over the 2 year contract to be used if campuses are closed. For people who are “essential services” and must come in, pay rate will be 2.5X your regular rate.

STEPS: Regular steps in both years of the contract

LONGEVITY INCREASE:  All workers with 5 years of service who are “topped out” for one year past their anniversary date as of 11/1, will get an additional 2.5% added to their base salary on 11/1/19.


● High Voltage Electrician Differential increase from 10% to 30% for all time performing the work

● Veterinary Technician 2 Specialty Certification Differential $1.50 per hour for specialty certification holders
● Allowing Co-Gen Engineers to receive differentials and deleting the accompanying letter of agreement Article 21 – Salary

All salaries will reflect Portland min. wage effective January 2020. ($12.50), and so these steps will be deleted.

● Step Deletion. Delete the following steps on January 1, 2020;
○ Salary Range 5 Steps 7 and 8
○ Salary Range 5B Steps 7 and 8
○ Salary Range 6 Steps 6 and 7
○ Salary Range 7 Steps 5 and 6
○ Salary Range 8 Steps 4 and 5
○ Salary Range 8B Step 5
○ Salary Range 9 Steps 3 and 4
○ Salary Range 10 Steps 2 and 3
○ Salary Range 11 Steps 1 and 2
○ Salary Range 12 Step 1

● Salary Selective Adjustments. Effective November 1, 2019 the following classifications will see an increase in salary range as noted below;

Classification Class # Current Range New Range Architectural Consultant 3615 27 30

Architectural Drafter 2 3151 18 23

Athletic Equipment Coordinator 0715 15B 19

Campus Public Safety Officers 5522 17 22

Construction Project Manager 1 4270 23 26

Construction Project Manager 2 4271 26 30

Electrical/Control System Technician4248 27 30

Electrician 4213 26 28

HVAC Control Technician

4112 20B 25 Locksmith

4227 18B 22 Maintenance Electrician 4204 17T 19T

Plumber 4211 23B 27

Radiation Protection Tech 1 3450 19 24

Radiation Protection Tech 2 3451 24 27

Radiation Protection Tech 3 3452 29 30

Sr. Nuclear Reactor Operator 3751 24 27

Thanks for all the work you did to demand respect for the critically important work you do every day.




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