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SEIU Local 503 SubLocal 083 at Oregon State University

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Welcome to our classified staff union at Oregon State University! We are part of a bargaining unit with all seven public universities in Oregon representing around 4500 workers. OSU has the most classified staff of any university.  At OSU our bargaining unit is about 1300 classified staff, who work in many critical jobs, from IT to Extension Assistants, tradespeople, accountants, to many workers in the dorms, food services and administrative services.

In 2019 we grew membership in our union, rallied in the face of takebacks from management, and prepared to strike. In the face of management’s economic cuts  proposals, in the form of zero steps, .5% raises and 3x increase in health insurance share (5% to 15%) we pushed back. We showed up for bargaining events, signed strike pledges and went all the way to a strike vote at all seven universities. We stuck together and showed management we wouldn’t settle for a bad deal. We said “chop from the top” and won a good contract.

Since the global pandemic began impacting Oregon in March 2020,  we have negotiated alternatives to layoffs, developed resources for those facing reduced hours or layoffs, and expanded our hardship fund. Our sublocal donated our dues money to SEIU 503’s Covid Assistance fund and SEIU 503’s statewide Wildfire Assistance fund and helped dozens of members with short-term grants or loans.

We meet at least once a month as a union and hold smaller meetings and 1:1s with classified staff needing assistance or wanting to volunteer. As we gear up for bargaining in 2021 we have asks:  JOIN if you’re not yet a member! Attend a meeting, get involved.

To win, we need an organized CAT (Communication Action Team) to spread the word, and talk to every classified staff, a full roster of stewards throughout our campuses and state, and active members.  We are the Union. We are Stronger Together.

From your SEIU Local 083 Leadership

Next Union Meeting: February 18th, 12 – 1 via Zoom



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