SEIU Local 503/SubLocal 083 at Oregon State University

Upcoming Events:  

PERS: Your Questions, How SEIU is Fighting Back,  Thursday, June 20, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Willamette West Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Valley Library with Steve Demarest, President, SEIU Local 503 and PERS Board Member. Lunch Served For more information please contact organizer Siobhan Burke at 6306990281 (call/text) or email burkes@seiu503.org.

(After PERS cuts,) University Management Proposes Wage Freezes, 300% increase in Your Health Insurance Costs

Management Gets An F For Respect, Offers Wage Freezes and Health Care Hikes 

Our Bargaining Team’s Economic Proposals 5/3/2019:

Also see post from SEIU 503 on economic proposals

5% across the board wage increase July 1,2019

5% across the board wage increase July 1, 2020

Maintain health insurance share and reduce share on least expensive health insurance plan

Drop bottom step and add step for all workers, both years

If PERS is cut, make up cuts with wage increases

Add a personal day to maintain parity with state workers


Our union represents approximately 1,530 classified employees at Oregon State University.

SubLocal 083 is part of the statewide Service Employees International Union Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union.

Our union is member-driven and staff-supported, we democratically elect stewards, local and statewide officers, and bargaining delegates who negotiate the collective bargaining agreement between classified employees of the state universities and the Oregon University System. The collective bargaining agreement sets the wages and working conditions for all classified employees for the length of the contract. A new bargaining cycle will start in 2019. Contact us for more information or to find out how to get more involved. We currently hold monthly meetings the 3rd Thursdays of the month at Valley Library from 11 – 12:30 pm or in the MU. Worksite meetings can be set up to accommodate your office location and schedule.  We want all union members to get active, and plugging in is the first step. Contact us to set up a worksite meeting or 1:1.

Contact Chief Steward Gloria O’Brien for steward issues at obrieng60@gmail.com or organizer Siobhan Burke at 630-699-0281 (call or text)

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