COVID update: Vaccines, Quarantine, Leave


Benton County information:

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Lincoln County information:

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Deschutes County information:

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SEIU 503 is collecting information on vaccine clinics here:

Oregon State University statement on vaccines and frontline workers: when will you be eligible? 


Quarantine & Safety At Work

We have been getting a few more questions about classified staff who are in quarantine and ongoing questions about safety at work. 

If you don’t feel safe in your workplace because either proper precautions are not being followed OR you or someone in your home or care is at high-risk, we can talk you through different protections and options. Document and contact a steward, union leader or organizer ASAP. We are here for you and can help follow the process to get the accommodations you need. Under our Letter of Agreement regarding COVID the universities agreed to make telecommuting or flex scheduling available if possible. If it is not possible you can use leave or go on LWOP. As COVID has gone one most workers have gotten accommodations, but if you are a new hire or are or coming back to an office and have questions, contact us. All questions are confidential. 

 Leave Guidance relating to COVID 19 exposure, quarantine

Leave:  Use COVID leave first, then other leave:  sick leave, other accrued leave (vacation, personal days). The initial 80 hours of COVID leave which many workers used already, is still available to use through the June 2021.  Due to COVID 19, use of LWOP is available to workers. 

You can also apply for FMLA/OFLA for medical reasons, or with COVID, or for children who are ill. 

Establish a Protected Leave case in Emp Center:

 More information:

As most parents and caregivers know by now, workers with children out of school or day care due to the COVID emergency can take OFLA leave.  OFLA/FMLA leave is 12 weeks and has some other eligibility requirements. More information from the state is here as background information when you apply for your leave.

Under our contract if you are at zero available leave hours and are usingFMLA/OFLA you can apply for a hardship leave donation. The FMLA/OFLA office also handles that. Let us know if you have any delays/problems. Classified staff can respond to hardship requests by donating comp time or vacation time. If HR puts out a request and you don’t get enough leave, the union leadership can also resend your hardship donation request. If you need this, just contact organizer Siobhan Burke at

Pay when on LWOP 

On Leave Without Pay? You can file for unemployment for the time you miss.  File your claim ASAP. If you have filed in the last year, you can restart your claim. 

More information here:

Currently unemployment benefits include an additional $300/week if you qualify for $1 of unemployment. 

You may be eligible for Workers Compensation Insurance which may cover pay and medical expenses. Get a form from your supervisor or doctor.,their%20employer’s%20workers’%20compensation%20insurance.

State of Oregon COVID relief

Not using Unemployment or Workers Comp and on LWOP, with no leave available,  you can apply for wage replacement through the State of Oregon. This program provides $120/day for up to 10 days for workers making under $60,000 singly or $120,000/year jointly.!,%2Drelated%20paid%20time%20off).

Oregon State University Emergency Draw:


Union leadership usually spends $$ on lunches at union meetings. During COVID we moved dues money into a Hardship Fund for small loans/grants for people facing economic hardships. Please utilize these resource and contact us if you apply and don’t hear back.

Union Hardship Fund:

Resources for Corvallis area developed by union leader Jessica King:


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