Is there an initiation fee to join Local 083?


Why should I join the union?

As a classified employee at OSU, you have a voice. You can be a “Fair Share” payer, or you can be a union member. Either way, you pay the same amount to the union. As a member, you have a vote and a voice in the direction the union takes. The very best reason is that you join with your fellow workers in unity.
Your union is a great forum for involvement on many levels. Check our  Ways to Help the Union. Also see Why I need a union. You are already paying; you might as well join, to quote one member.

How do I know what’s going on with the union?

Check your e-mails, call the organizers, call an officer or steward, look at the website.

What kinds of problems can the union help with?

In general, anything related to wages, hours, and conditions of employment. The contract has already defined many things. You can read the contract at the SEIU 503 website.

How can I contact the union?

E-mail the Local 083 OSU organizers:
Mike Coutley, coutleym@seiu503.org
Mimi Khalili, khalilim@seiu503.org

or contact the officers or stewards listed in this website.

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