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03/19/2015 – Higher Ed Bargaining Rally OSU – Between MU and Milam Hall

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3/08/2015 – Higher Ed Bargaining at PSU – see the articles


What if … the University paid every employee a living wage? the University had more front-line workers and fewer bosses? the University provided a respectful workplace for all workers? all workers had a Fair Shot?

 The Higher Education bargaining teams will meet on our campus on Thursday and Friday, March 19 and 20th.

Come meet our SEIU503 Higher Ed Bargaining team and find out how to make “what if” a reality!

Thursday, March 19, 12:15-12:45 pm, on the steps of

the Memorial Union

(light lunch provided)


2/25/2015 Social Justice Teach-In, see the article


Be sure to get your vote in!

Please be sure to get your vote mailed for the change from first 2 months of union dues to union initiation fees if you want your vote to count.  If you have not received your ballot in the mail, contact your union field representative as soon as possible.  The OSU field representative for SEIU503 is Mike Coutley and his email is

Nominations for OSU Board Trustees- discussion in Adams Hall (01/27/15) 5:30-6:30 pm

Anyone who is an SEIU Local083 Classified Employee is welcome to come and speak to the leadership as to their qualifications to fill an OSU Board of Directors position for SEIU.

Bargaining Conference – 01/23/15 – Double Tree by Hilton Portland, 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232, United States (map)

Steward Conference – 01/23/15 – Double Tree by Hilton Portland, 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232, United States (map)


OUS Timeline Options


  • 1/30/2015  Deadline for 150 days of bargaining to begin.*
  • 6/28/2015 150th day of bargaining.
  • 6/29/2015 Either party can unilaterally request mediation.

* The contract says that bargaining begins no later than 2/1/2015.  2/1 is a Sunday, so the assumption is that bargaining will begin no later than Friday, 1/30/2015. If mediation begins on Monday 7/13/2015:*

  • Either party can declare impasse beginning: 7/28/2015
  • Final offers due: 8/4/2015
  • Union can strike/employer can implement 9/3/2015

* The time between the request for mediation and the first day of mediation is a potential variable, depending on availability of mediators and other factors. If mediation begins on Monday 7/20/2015:*

  • Either party can declare impasse beginning: 8/4/2015
  • Final offers due: 8/11/2015
  • Union can strike/employer can implement 9/10/2015

Strike date options

  • 9/28/2015      Strike date – date that classes begin
  • 8/29/2015      Final offers due
  • 8/21/2015       Declare impasse (8/22/2015 is a Saturday)
  • 8/6/2015        Deadline to begin remediation
  • 9/21/2015      Strike date – Monday of the week before classes begin
  • 8/21/2015      Final offers due
  • 8/14/2015      Declare impasse
  • 7/30/2015      Deadline to begin mediation

Final Summer BBQ – Thursday, Sept 25th 2014

The final BBQ of 2014 will be taking place on Thursday, Sept 25th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the SW corner of Weatherford Hall greens.  (Just north of the sports fields.)

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