Filing for Unemployment During COVID-19

Your union is here to help, please contact us to help you navigate the Oregon Employment Department process.  SEIU 503 has posted some good how-tos,  you can find here.

When you are ready to apply, you can access the online claim system through: https://govstatus.egov.com/ui-benefits/benefits.  The site also includes an FAQ list.

This YouTube video from the Employment Department is really helpful and essential viewing in going through the steps of what questions you will need to answer if you are applying for unemployment benefits due to COVID-19.  https://youtu.be/995zJOcYscs

When you are applying for unemployment, OSU has provided the contact information of OSU HR, where the UI claim notice should be sent to:  https://covid.oregonstate.edu/node/2921

Here’s a weekly webinar you can attend from labor partners at AFL-CIO. https://oraflcio.org/covid19members where you can ask additional problems or troubleshoot your application.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, OSU employees are applying for unemployment for various reasons. We have workers applying due to:

  1. Reduced hours
  2. No work during the summer for dining services
  3. Being placed in Extended Benefits program
  4. Workshare – in this program the university Employee Labor Relations applies for workers for unemployment. You do not need to apply for unemployment on your own. We have posted details of the program here.
  5. People who are laid off and don’t decide to bump

Unemployment Stopped or Delayed Due to Recess?

School employees applications for unemployment compensation are automatically flagged due to federal and state law when schools are in scheduled recess periods.

The summer recess schedule is calendared by Oregon Employment Department (OED) and automatically pauses employment benefits. Workers who have filed on their own will receive a “recess” letter from OED. In that letter workers will be notified to fill in the 385-e form and return it to OED. OED now has put the 385-e form on their website. Follow those instructions.

SEIU 503 President Steve Demarest has put together a list of talking points.

School and Higher Ed Employee Talking Points for Initial Employment Department Investigation into Summer Break

I have not received a written, oral, or implied offer for employment in the next academic year or term that will pay at least 90% of what I earned in the last academic year or term.

I do not have a contract to perform services during the next academic year or term.  I do not have an agreement to perform services in the next academic year or term that will pay at least 90% of what I earned in the last academic year or term.

Because of the current pandemic and economic situation, it is not highly probable that there is a job available for me in the following academic year or term that will pay at least 90% of what I earned in the last academic year or term.

In addition to the above talking points, the individual should add anything else pertinent to their situation. For example, does the worker customarily receive an offer letter for work in the next academic year, but did not receive one this year? Was the worker told, by email or in writing, that their current reduced hours or layoff is indefinite – or, at least, did not have a definite end? If classes in the next year or academic year or term are going to be online, does that impact the demand for the worker’s services?



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