Work Share Program


The Oregon Employment Department’s (OED) Work Share program is designed to help employers like Oregon State University (OSU) manage financial shortfalls by allowing employees to collect partial unemployment while furloughed (i.e. on leave without pay) either 20% or 40% of their regular schedule. Additionally, through 7/25/2020, employees who collect partial unemployment through Work Share are also eligible for Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) of $600 per week. By taking advantage of the Work Share program and the additional federal benefit, OSU will be able to attain significant personnel cost savings without negatively impacting most Work Share employees.


The forms for Work Share are available from Employee Labor Relations. They will provide you with: Initial Claim Form, Direct Deposit Paperwork and Tax Witholding Form.

On a weekly basis you will submit your hours to Employee Labor Relations. You must also submit information on any compensation outside of your employment at OSU.


Oregon State HR has indicated they must move all people on Work Share to mid-month payroll due to administrative constraints. This will impact your pay in a significant way.  This means your first paycheck after entering into Work Share will be for two weeks of work. There are two partial fixes to this. The first is to get a draw through OSU, under the LOA Human Resources Information Systems. This draw is for 40% of your expected paycheck and you have 8,12 or 24 months to repay. To request the draw, contact Employee Labor Relations.

Below is a link to the emergency payroll draw form, which employees will want to use if requesting payout due to their time reporting periods changing.  When submitting the document, employees should make a note to the effect of “requesting due to placement into WorkShare program and switching timesheet reporting period.”

SEIU 503 Local 083 is offering a hardship fund, you can apply by filling out this form.  Oregon State University has a hardship fund here.

Benefits/Retirement: Work Share employees retain benefits eligibility, including retirement eligibility, based on their FTE before entering the program. Work Share employees may continue to access the Employee Assistance Program.

Furlough: Work Share employees must take the furlough time off work. They cannot be required to “make up” work that was not completed because of their furlough. However, supervisors can and should identify the duties that should be prioritized during work time.

Workers cannot use accrued leave as they normally would, because under Unemployment Compensation guidelines you must be “available to work.” If you use accrued leave you may not be eligible for Unemployment Compensation.

While on Work Share, should an employee need to use accrued leave their supervisor will, whenever practicable, allow the employee to flex their time to stay within Work Share eligibility for the week.

What happens if you reach the maximum vacation accrual?

Vacation time may be used during the Work Share program. However, use of that leave will cause employees to not be eligible for Work Share in that week.

SEIU employees may request leave from their supervisors by email and if they are denied use of that leave due to business constraints, the email string can be submitted to Payroll for payout of leave up to 40 hours. (per SEIU contract Article 43, Section 15).

Vacation leave can be scheduled and used, but will cause an employee to be ineligible for Work Share benefits in the week of usage.

For those employees requesting payout of vacation due to reaching 250 accrued hours, we ask that they follow the following process in the absence of a specific form:


  1. Send a request for payout to  The request should include:
  2. Number of hours requesting be paid out
  3. Name of supervisor
  4. Statement regarding attempts made to schedule and take vacation prior to requesting payout
  5. ELR will review the request and, if necessary, request additional clarification.
  6. Once confirmed, ELR will forward the request to Payroll for processing.



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