Local 083 Stewards

Contract issues? Not sure? Discipline issues? 

OSU Stewards (May 2020)

Brady Esch – Chief Steward

Gloria O’Brien

Jessica King

Anne Gross

Carol Murphy

Tracy Jasted

Deb Carroll

Patrick Breshears

Noah McKay

James Bartholomew

Dillon Randall

Kerry Tipton

Ken Howard

Russ Born

Ben Merrell


Our campus organizer is Siobhan Burke who can be reached at burkes@seiu503.org or 630.699.0281.

Our Membership Resource Center organizer for Higher Ed questions Penny Van Santen can be reached at  highered@seiu503.org

One SEIU 503 HQ phone number to reach the Member Resource Center, Member Benefits, or to reach another department or staff member (business hours): 1-844-503-SEIU (7348)

Weingarten Rights:

Say your supervisor calls you into his or her office and closes the door. The atmosphere is tense. You believe this meeting could lead to disciplinary action against you. At this moment, you can ask to have a union steward to represent you. This is invoking your Weingarten Rights.
Here’s what to say to your boss:
“I request to have a union representative present on my behalf during this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action being taken against me. “
Your supervisor will tell you a)there is no possibility of discipline and a steward is not needed, b)that they will delay the meeting until you can schedule a steward, c)may ask you to waive your rights to a steward.
If you choose to waive your rights please email or contact us after the meeting for advice/guidance.

OSU Stewards  – If you want to become a steward contact the organizer or chief steward asap. You are needed! Stewards are volunteers but they receive paid time to do steward work.  OSU is eligible to have 25 stewards.


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