Local 083 Stewards

  • Having issues, problems, or trouble with your supervisor?
  • Want some advice or help in resolving them?
  • Contact the OSU Chief Steward Message Phone at: 541-602-3154.   The Chief Steward will check these messages daily, and return your call.

Weingarten Rights:

Say your supervisor calls you into his or her office and closes the door. The atmosphere is tense. You believe this meeting could lead to disciplinary action against you. At this moment, you can ask to have a union steward to represent you. This is invoking your Weingarten Rights. You may refuse to answer accusational questions and any you believe may lead to discipline until a steward arrives to represent you. Click here for further details on what you must do to invoke your rights.
Here’s what to say to your boss:
“I request to have a union representative present on my behalf during this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action being taken against me. If I am denied my right to have a union representative present I will refuse to answer accusational questions and any I believe may lead to discipline.”
Seven Tests of Just Cause:
  • Read the seven tests and determine if you are being treated fairly and reasonably.
Note: Local 083 stewards, like Local 083 officers, are volunteers. They are not paid salaries, stipends, or fees.
Name Location Phone E-mail
Tim Borgen (Chief) Arnold Dining 541-737-9196 tborg9@yahoo.com
Patrick D. Breshears Ship Operations
503-843-5111 (H)
971-237-8050 (C)
For HMSC and research vessel employees
Deborah D. Carroll Library 541-737-7284 debcarroll54@gmail.com
Jim Dollar Memorial Union Services and Facilities 541-737-6258 james.dollar@oregonstate.edu
Ika Fifita Transportation and Parking Services 541-737-2583 ika.fifita@oregonstate.edu
Jose Gonzalez Memorial Union 541-737-9823 jose.gonzalez@oregonstate.edu
Sara Gorsky Veterinary Medicine 541-737- sara.gorsky@oregonstate.edu
Gloria O’Brien East Greenhouse 541-740-7609 obrieng60@gmail.com
Derrick Padar Veterinary Medicine 541-737-6782 derrick.padar@oregonstate.edu
Leonora Rianda Waldo Hall 541-737-0709 leonora.rianda@oregonstate.edu
Lynn Thompson McNary Dining 541-760-6466 lynnrthompson@hotmail.com

SEIU503 Internal Organizer: Mimi Khalil, Adams Hall

khalilm@seiu503.org 920-639-2166

Member Resource Center

The SEIU Local 503 Member Resource Center is a place stewards and members can call when needing advice or assistance with work place issues and/or grievances. Staff who work the Member Resource Center are dedicated to supporting stewards and members who are navigating through a variety of issues, grievances and problems.  To contact the MRC: 1-877-798-0008

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