Ways to Help Your Union

One thing we officers do know is that no matter how dedicated and hard working we may be, the union is really run by its members. And this means you. We need all of you to help make this local a better place to work, to make the union more effective in the workplace, to make sure that every one of your co-workers knows their rights, and that each is able to rely on each other for help when we need it. We do need more people to put their hands to the oars, however.

People willing to help their union have many opportunities:

  • Read the union literature and e-mails you receive and stay informed.
  • Attend monthly general membership meetings, give feedback and input to help your officers guide the union where you want it to go.
  • Hand out fliers and literature in your worksite, post them on the union bulletin boards, become a contact person for your worksite.
  • Become an activist—someone people can ask questions of; who can help them find information and keep in touch with the union.
  • Become a writer, photographer, graphic artist, web guru for our website and the occasional newsletter. Got an interest you’d like to share with others? Write a column about it.
  • Make sure your co-workers know about this website and get them signed up for union e-mails at work or home.
  • Become a building rep and pass out fliers and post new information on the union bulletin board(s).
  • Join the Campus Action Team (called CATs) and pass along the bargaining updates you receive at meetings during bargaining periods.
  • Become a union steward and hold supervisors to the contract’s rules. We need more stewards to help defend employees and the contract.
  • Become an officer. Help lead and guide the local in its policies and activities.
  • Become a CAPE (Citizen Action in Public Education) contributor. Apply by filling out a membership application. Your voluntary financial contributions help elect member-endorsed candidates for local, legislative and statewide offices. These elected officials make critical decisions on our PERS, our salaries, and laws specifically affecting you. This contribution qualifies for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. Single filers are eligible for a credit of up to $50 per year; joint filers up to $100 per year.

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